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When will the SmartPad be available for purchase?

The SmartPad is expected to be available December 2023. We are currently undergoing rigorous testing and validation to ensure quality assurance. Please sign up to receive the latest news and related updates HERE.

Where can I purchase the SmartPad smart heating pad?

The SmartPad is currently only available direct through XOTHRM. It can be conveniently purchased online at xothrm.com or by emailing sales@xothrm.com.

Can I travel with the SmartPad on a commercial airline?

Yes. The device is TSA compliant and meets the published standards for both carry-on and checked baggage.

For additional information, please refer to the TSA standards found HERE.

Is the SmartPad available in any other sizes?

The SmartPad was designed to be versatile and provide coverage for the majority of use cases. As such, the device is currently available in one standard size (10" x 15").

How do I use the SmartPad?

The SmartPad is user intuitive and easy to operate.

To use the SmartPad , follow these simple steps:

1. Power ON the device by pressing the power button for two (2) seconds. Status is confirmed when one (1) LED is showing solid.

2. Apply the pad to the desired treatment area. Secure if needed.

3. Relax and enjoy the heat therapy until the session expires.

4. Repeat as needed.

How do I adjust the heat intensity of the SmartPad?

Heat intensity can be easily adjusted by quickly pressing the power button when the device is ON. Continue pressing the power button until the desired heat setting is achieved, as indicated on the LEDs.

Intensity 1 (1 LED)

Intensity 2 (2 LEDs)

Intensity 3 (3 LEDs)

How long should I use the SmartPad?

Usage times vary, but heat is typically applied to the body for 10-15 minutes. The SmartPad has a convenient built-in timer set for 15 minutes.

How do I turn ON/OFF the SmartPad ?

The SmartPad can be turned ON by long pressing the power button for approximately two (2) seconds. Power ON is confirmed when one LED is illuminated.

Similarly, the SmartPad can be turned OFF by long pressing the power button for approximately two (2) seconds. Power OFF is confirmed when no LEDs are illuminated.

How do I charge the SmartPad?

The SmartPad can be conveniently charged by connecting it to the included power supply. Charging status is displayed on the device by LEDs. When charging, the LEDs will blink to indicate the device is properly connected and will turn solid when a full charge is reached. Please reference the USER MANUAL for further details.

How long does it take to charge the SmartPad?

Charging time is dependent on the remaining battery life. When the batteries are fully depleted, it can take up to three (3) hours to recharge them to capacity.

How do I check the battery life of the SmartPad?

When the device is powered OFF, battery status can be checked by quickly pressing the power button. The battery level is indicated with the LEDs as low (1 LED), medium (2 LEDs), or full charge (3 LEDs). When the device is actively charging, the battery status is similarly displayed on the LEDs but will flash to indicate the device is charging status.

Can the SmartPad be used while plugged into a wall outlet?

No. The SmartPad is intended to be powered using the integrated rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This give you the ultimate flexibility to use the device anywhere.

How do I clean the SmartPad?

The Smartpad can be conveniently cleaned by wiping the exterior surface with a water-dampened microfiber cloth. If you determine disinfection is necessary, you can use an XOTHRM approved cleaning product like Lysol® or Clorox® wipes, following the label directions.The SmartPad is NOT waterproof or machine washable.

How do I store the SmartPad?

Ideally, the SmartPad should be stored indoors at room temperature in the SmartPad travel case. Extreme tempeatures should be avoided. 

The SmartPad can be folded lengthwise (around short axis). Rolling the device should be avoided as it places unnecessary stress on the electronic components.

How is the SmartPad different than other heating devices?

There are many features that separate the SmartPad from the competition. In short, no other heating pad has smart sensors for user safety, a fully cleanable outer surface, and utilizes highly effective far infrared (FIR) energy to achieve targeted heat therapy.

What is the SmartPad warranty?

All XOTHRM products are manufactured with the highest quality parts and built to last.

Our limited warranty covers the XOTHRM SmartPad device and charger for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

The limited warranty only covers product issues caused by defects in material or workmanship during ordinary use.

This limited warranty does not apply to damage XOTHRM LLC determines to be from misuse, alterations, abuse, accidents, or normal wear & tear.

For any warranty issues, please email info@xothrm.com.

Please visit our warranty page HERE for more information.

Are there any contradinications to using heat therapy?

The SmartPad is designed to optimize the body’s innate ability to help reach full wellness potential. The therapeutic benefits take advantage of natural phenomena, however, there may be instances where device use should be modified or not recommended.

You should not use a heating pad, like the SmartPad, without first obtaining the appropriate approval from a medical professional if any of the following general contraindications and precautions for therapeutic heat apply:  acute inflammation, trauma, or hemorrhage; bleeding disorders; temperature insensitivity; inability to communicate or respond to pain; poor thermal regulation; malignancy; edema; ischemia; atrophic skin; dermatitis; deep vein thrombosis, open wound; severe cognitive impairment, pregnancy (over abdomen), and scar tissue.

Orders, Returns & Exchanges

Can I place an order using a Purchase Order (PO)?

Yes. Purchase orders are accepted, but must be paid in full before any product is shipped. Please contact our sales team at sales@xothrm.com to execute an order using a PO.

What is XOTHRM's return policy?

We stand behind our products with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return the device with its included accessories and packaging, along with the original receipt. All products purchased directly from XOTHRM may be returned within thirty (30) days of the receipt of purchase date for a refund, excluding the original shipping and handling fees, to the original payment method.

How are refunds credited?

If the product is returned in accordance with our return policy, XOTHRM will credit the original form of payment used to make the purchase.

What is your exchange policy?

We do not offer exchanges at this time.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, please contact us at 1-208-297-3633 or sales@xothrm.com. Please note that all cancellation requests are subject to reroute availability by the respective shipping carrier. If the order is not able to be rerouted, you will need to return the order to us once received.