About Us

XOTHRM is a wellness technology company positioned to disrupt and revolutionize thermal therapy. Our team achieves this through challenging the status quo, and creating solutions that are efficaciously innovative.

If our years of experience in the health and wellness industry have taught us anything, it’s that current solutions have significant limitations, are built on antiquated technology, and do not address modern day pain points.

Our founder, JoHan Wang, grappled with these challenges many times over the course of his distinguished career as a sports scientist before he had seen enough issues to convince him that something had to change. JoHan teamed up with accomplished engineer and serial entrepreneur, Sean Whalen, to launch XOTHRM, with the goal to redefine wellness technology by prioritizing safety, cleanliness and efficacy.

XOTHRM optimizes thermal therapy by focusing on what matters most. This is accomplished by prioritizing user safety and efficacy, and understanding how each individual can benefit the most. We value each and every person who entrusts us with their overall health and we pride ourselves on delivering the most outstanding customer-centric service possible.

XOTHRM is here to supercharge your thermal therapy.

Safer. Cleaner. More Effective.