Thermal Therapy Supercharged

The SmartPad PRO is the most advanced electric heating pad available on the market. Our proprietary heating technology outperforms conventional solutions by leveraging infrared energy, allowing for deeper penetration that you can feel. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the device reaches therapeutic temperature faster than any other product, enabling a virtually on-demand heating experience. The SmartPad PRO is for those who want professional-grade thermal therapy and expect nothing but the best. XOTHRM is the new standard in heating that promises to be...

Safer, Cleaner, and More Effective.

The XOTHRM Advantage

  • SAFER.

    The SmartPad PRO is smart. Real smart. It is the only heating pad that uses embedded sensors to automatically monitor and adjusts the heat output directly at the site of application. This novel feature ensures user safety is not compromised and mitigates burn risk. No other heating device does this.


    Unlike other heating pads that are virtually impossible to clean, the SmartPad PRO has a hand wipeable outer surface that allows the device to be conveniently sanitized between uses. This proprietary feature optimizes cleanliness and provides peace of mind for the patient and practitioner.


    The SmartPad PRO uses a proprietary thermal technology that provides deep heat from infrared energy, which has been shown to penetrate up to 10x deeper compared to conventional heating pads. Our proprietary weighted system optimizes heat transfer, ensures uniform heat dispersion, and eliminates hot spots.

Medical Professionals Trust Us

  • Craig Liebenson, DC | World renowned clinician & author

    “Heat application is the most cost-effective remedy for musculoskeletal pain and is far more evidence-based than any other treatment modality. The XOTHRM SmartPad PRO is very attractive for it's small footprint, low maintenance, and safety of application.”

  • Marc Paul, ATC | Associate AD for Sports Performance at Boise State University

    “The XOTHRM SmartPad PRO will change how we deliver heat therapy for all our players. The deep heat from the infrared technology gives us a better chance of getting what we want, while eliminating bulky, expensive hydrocollators.”

  • Brett Burton, PT, ATC | Founder, One Harmonic Motion

    “Traditional hot packs are long overdue for an upgrade and it’s finally here. Having the ability to maintain consistent temperature for an entire treatment while truly achieving a deep heating effect provides countless opportunities to enhance performance and recovery.”